Data preparation made easy

Dataform is a collaborative platform that enables teams to build and orchestrate SQL based data transformations in your data warehouse.

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Why use dataform?

Take control of your data warehouse

  • Leverage existing SQL skills

    Dataform is SQL based, meaning you and your team can get started quickly and work in a language everyone understands.

  • No infrastructure required

    Dataform is fully managed, allowing you to focus on improving your data architecture, rather than configuring infrastructure.

  • No lock in

    Dataform is open-source at it's core, giving you freedom from lock-in and portability.

  • Iterate quickly

    Iterate on your data architecture quickly without depending on engineering, and still getting the benefits of version control, testing, and continuous integration.


A modern data tool for modern data teams

  • SQL

    Cloud SQL workbench

    Develop and share your SQL code with the rest of your team, run queries and browser data schema's as your develop.

  • Powerful templating

    Define variables, macros, and write scripts that can supercharge your SQL code.

  • Visualize data dependencies

    Identify dependencies between models enabling you to quickly build complex data workflows.

  • Advanced scheduling and notifications

    Configure multiple schedules at different times and stay up to date with failure alerts.

  • Github integration

    Connect your project to Github, keep a history of your code and easily roll back when something breaks.

  • Package center

    Access a library of open source packages that can help you clean data and perform advanced analysis without reinventing the wheel.

Start building a data architecture you can be proud of