Manage data in your data warehouse

Data can be complex, but managing it doesn't have to be. Spend more time developing SQL and less time managing infrastructure.

A complete toolkit for managing your cloud data warehouse

Easily develop, test, and deploy SQL to your data warehouse with Dataform's open source SDK and platform.

Build, run, and monitor complex data pipelines

Build data pipelines that will scale with your data complexity. The open source Dataform SDK makes it easy to publish datasets, write tests, re-use common code, document tables, and more.

A cohesive workflow for your entire data team

The Dataform platform provides a seamless developer experience and removes the need to build and manage custom infrastructure. Give your team a platform and process that can scale as it grows.

Dataform integrates seamlessly with your existing data stack

For data managers

  • Manage data complexity
  • A collaborative platform for your entire team
  • No infrastructure to maintain

For data engineers

  • A powerful and expressive CLI
  • First class GitHub integration
  • Standardize data definitions across your warehouse

For data analysts

  • Iterate quickly with a SQL IDE
  • Schedule SQL pipelines in a single click
  • Centralized location for your company’s data definitions

Integrate in 5 minutes

with your cloud data warehouse

Built for modern data teams

Single, simple collaborative workflow

Development workflows designed for analysts and engineers alike.

No infrastructure to maintain

Focus more on data and less on data infrastructure.

Open source framework

The Dataform framework is open source, giving you freedom from lock-in.

Bring best practices to your teams

Ensure high data quality with tests and version controlled configurations.

Build a data warehouse you can be proud of

Connect to your warehouse and publish your first dataset in 5 minutes

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