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The modern analytics academy

Get started with Modern Analytics principles as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that you can ensure you’re delivering maximum value to your organisation.

  • 4 lessons - more coming soon!
  • Accompanying webinars with industry experts

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If your goal is to enable fluid, robust, and reliable data-driven decision making across your organization, this academy is for you. We start with data warehousing & ELT, move through enrichment & transformation, and end in analysis.

Chapter 1

Introduction to modern analytics

The aim of this academy is to help you get started with Modern Analytics principles as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Chapter 2

Moving from ETL to ELT in the cloud data warehouse

Data warehousing
Learn about modern data warehouses and why teams are switching to an ELT approach over ETL?
Chapter 3

Data modeling: building a single source of truth

Data modeling
In this lesson we’ll discuss why data modeling is important, and cover the best practices to keep in mind while you’re building your organization's data models.
Chapter 4

Automating data quality tests with assertions

Data quality
This lesson will cover why data quality is important and how to create a data quality testing framework at your company.
Chapter 5

How to model web and app event data

Data modeling
Coming soon.
Chapter 6

How to model marketing attribution data

Data modeling
Coming soon.
Chapter 7

Enabling data team collaboration with version control

Version control
Coming soon.


More coming soon!