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Version control your SQL code

How Dataform allows you to version control your SQL and our new Git commit UI!

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Josie Hall on December 10, 2019

Collaboration on data pipeliens is hard. Often one analyst will make a change to a dataset, write a new query or create a new view, when other members of the team aren't aware. This can result in reports/ dashboards breaking and can quickly become an issue.

Dataform uses the Git version control system to maintain a record of each change made to project files and to manage file versions. Each Dataform project has an associated Git repository, allowing you to easily version control your database.

One of the main benefits of Git is that a developer can work in an isolated "branch" of the file repository without affecting the base files. Dataform has full support for Git branches. Once you are happy with your changes, you can commit them and push them to the master branch. If at any point you make changes that you don't want to commit, you can revert your branch to its last commit.

This means the whole team can collaborate on a single code base. Data teams can implement code review processes and collaborate effectively as a team, ensuring work is not duplicated and pipelines don't break.

New git modal in Dataform

We’ve created a modal which makes it very easy to see an overview of the changes you’ve made to your project before committing them to your branch.

You can read more about version control in Dataform in our docs here.

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