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Charlotte Tilbury

Leading companies rely on Dataform to scale their analytics

Echo case study

How Echo increased efficiency 3X by migrating their transformations to Dataform.

Outshine case study

How Outshine use Dataform to scale analytics across their business.

Livup case study

How Liv Up used Dataform to grow their data team and onboard new members.

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Benoit Machefer

Director of Data

If your business is scaling fast and you want to ensure data quality, make your life easier, leverage engineering best practices and remain BI tool agnostic then don’t hesitate to use Dataform for a second!
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Saadat Qadri

Analytics Practice Lead

Having modeled data using other tools in the past, this is much simpler and an easier environment to code in. The code compiles in real time and lets you know if there are errors in the syntax. It also helps generate a dependency graph for the data pipeline which is insanely useful.
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Will Misslin

Data Engineer

After using Dataform for a while I really discovered the power of integrating an IDE with an ETL tool. The web based IDE completely eliminates the hassle of maintaining local dev environments.
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