Why Dataform?

Dataform packages up DBT into a cloud development environment that make it easier, faster and more efficient to develop and deploy SQL workflows.
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    Cloud SQL IDE

    Dataform offers a cloud SQL IDE to edit and save your queries. That means that you can collaborate as a team on your models, at the same time. Dataform has several features that make the edition of your models faster like the integrated to schema browser or the ability to manually test your queries.

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    Github integration

    Dataform integrates seamlessly with GitHub allowing you to import your project from Github, review commits history and push back changes to your repository.

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    Advanced scheduling and notifications

    Dataform allows you to deploy any selection of data models on a schedule with granular control. The schedules will alert you by email when they succeed or fail. The history will let you view your previous deployments times and logs.

    More about scheduling ›
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    Powerful visualisation of the dependency graph

    Dataform gives you a powerful visualisation of that dependency graph that gives you a clear overview of the dependencies in your project and explore it at a glance.

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    Package center

    Dataform gives you a central place to manage the list of packages in your project. Review, add or delete any package with the simplicity of a click.