Dataform features

Simplify your data workflows

Develop, edit, test and deploy your data models effectively as a team

Cloud SQL workbench

Develop and share your SQL code with the rest of your team Run queries and browse data schema's as your develop

Powerful templating

Supercharge your SQL code with Jinja templates Use if statements, for loops and more Define variables, macros that you can re-use everywhere in your project
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Visualize data dependencies

Identify dependencies between models enabling you to quickly build complex data workflows.
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Advanced scheduling and notifications

Configure multiple schedules at different times and with different models Stay up to date with failure and success alerts See a complete history of previous deployments times and logs
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Github integration

Connect your project to Github Keep a history of your code Easily roll back if something breaks

Package center

Access a library of open source packages that can help you clean data and perform advanced analysis without reinventing the wheel Use ready made models for Snowplow, Segment or Stripe data Quickly perform advanced analytical tasks such as A/B experiment analysis or building linear models

Start building a data architecture you can be proud of