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An open source framework for data engineers and analysts

The Dataform SDK helps data teams manage and automate SQL-based operations in your data warehouse.
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Dataform SDK

Develop reliable and scalable SQL pipelines
Open source. Run Dataform locally or anywhere.
Manage dependencies between your tables.
Reuse code across all your scripts.
Write tests to assert your data quality.
# Install Dataform CLI
npm i -g @dataform/cli
# Create new project
dataform init snowflake my_project
# Create new table
echo 'config { type: "table" } SELECT 1 as one'
> my_table.sqlx
# Run project
dataform run my_project

Dataform web

A complete solution for data warehouse management
Develop as a team in a collaborative web environment.
Version control all your code with a native GitHub integration.
Orchestrate your pipelines and get alerted if anything goes wrong.
Share a data catalog with all your data definitions.
dataform web screenshot

How Dataform works

1. Develop

Develop your transformations in SQL

Develop your data transformations in SQLX, Dataform’s open source language that makes SQL more reusable, flexible and organised.
Seamlessly create tables, define dependencies, add documentation and more.

Work as a team

Develop in a rich web IDE and share links with your team.
User can develop simultaneously from their own branches and isolated schemas.

2. Adopt software engineering best practices

Version control

Dataform integrates with Git via Github and other Git providers.
Each user can work from development environments to develop new tables without affecting everyone else.

Automate data quality testing

You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t trust your underlying data. Write tests against your input raw data and the output of data transformations, with issues triggering alerts before they hit your analytics.

Safe deployments

With Dataform, your team can deploy on isolated schema while developing and use CI/CD to integrate new changes safely.

3. Orchestrate

Scheduling made easy

Tell Dataform how often you want your datasets to update and it will do the rest.
Dataform builds a dependency tree (DAG) of all your datasets and makes sure your datasets are updated in the right order.

Notifications and logging

Dataform alerts you when potential errors error occurs and gives you detailed logs so you can fix issues quickly.

4. Use your data

Reliable data for your analytics

Use reliable and up to date datasets for all your analytical purposes.
All your data definitions are stored in a single repository, accessible by all your entire team.

Catalog your data and improve discovery

Catalog data across your Dataform project and your data warehouse for your entire company to find, understand and use to make data driven decisions.

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