A platform for modern data teams

Built for data engineers and savvy analysts

Collaborative SQL editor

All your data transformations are defined in one place. Explore your data with a large schema browser. Get real-time validation of queries while you write them. Share any query via URL.

Scheduling and monitoring

Turn queries into fully automated data pipelines pipelines that refresh your data every week, every hour or every 5 minutes. Schedule your workflows following a dependency tree to refresh your datasets in the right order. Get notifications when they run. Debug error with advanced logs of your jobs.

Powerful open source SDK

Create functions and snippets for elements you and your team frequently use. Leverage built-in functions to create tables that updates incrementally with only two lines of additional code. Easily validate data quality with assertions with actionable alerts and reports.

Version control

Get complete visibility of what changes were made with built-in version control. Work on different branches for different projects. Get all your code and changes in your GitHub repository.

Integrate in 5 minutes

with your cloud data warehouse