Why modern data teams are choosing an ELT approach | Webinar | Dataform

Why modern data teams are choosing an ELT approach

Join us and Google Cloud to discuss why modern data teams are switching to an ELT approach, how BigQuery enables them to do that and what this means for future data teams.



Over the past decade, cloud data warehousing has made significant advances. For modern analytics teams, a cloud data warehouse is the de-facto choice. On top of this, cloud data warehouses are SQL based. Working with big data does not require engineering resources: the analyst teams can (and should) have full ownership and control of the data available to them.

The cloud data warehousing revolution means more and more companies are moving away from an ETL approach and towards an ELT approach for managing analytical data.


  • Dan Lee (Head of Data @ Dataform): why you should build a single source of truth in your warehouse and why we recommend an ELT approach over ETL.
  • Vince Gonzalez (Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google: why Bigquery is an excellent choice for the ELT framework, their perspective on how cloud data warehousing is changing and what this means for data teams.
  • Q&A